Youth Animation Program

DB-ARK Youth Animation Team reaches out to youth in schools, colleges, parishes and in the open settings with programs developed along the “Whole Person Paradigm”. Our research department has identified the deficiencies in the present day educational programs and has developed programs to ensure that a more balanced person is the product of the system. The programs focus on the enhancement of the Self Esteem, Discovery of the Talents and Abilities in the person, finding the Meaning in one’s life, preparing for a life of Love, Social Awareness and Social Involvement. Youth Animation is one of the main projects of DB-ARK. The team has developed research based relevant packages for the animation of youth in the schools.

The packages are as follows:
I. 3-D (Discover, Develop and Deploy – Self, Others and God)
This program includes the three dimensions of Self, Others, and God.
a. Discovery of Self – Educating oneself towards higher Self Esteem, Self Worth and Self Confidence.
b. Discovery of Others – Interpersonal Relationship, Family, Friendship, Reaching out to those more disadvantaged. (Building up relationships)
3. Discovery of God – An Experience of God: Where is my God? What

II. LBO (Living By Objectives)
Plan your Life and take care of yourself
a. Meaning of Life: Core Meaning; Central Meaning; One’s deep Self Concept
b. Values in my Life, Value Clarification
c. Planning my Life: Goal Setting; Drawing up Objectives; Prepare an Action Plan

III. ETL (Education to Love)
We are created to love and be loved
a. Learning to Love
b. Friendship, Infatuation and Love
c. Marriage – Expression of Love
d. Sexuality is a Sacred Gift
e. I like you just because….

IV. GML (God in My Life)
a. In Pursuit of God
i. What does God mean to Me?
ii. Where is my God?
iii. Why suffering God?

b. Experience of God: Taste and See how sweet the Lord is…
i. God Loves Me
ii. God Forgives Me
iii. God Saves Me
iv. Death Experience
c. Evangelization: Share My God Experience with others
i. Know and Live the ‘Good News’
ii. Share the ‘Good News’
iii. ARK (Act of Random Kindness) becomes a way of life for Me
iv. God Trip

V. SAIP (Social Awareness and Involvement Program)
a. Understanding the reality
b. Understand the social reality
c. Understanding the phenomenon around you
d. Analytical awareness
e. Critical awareness
f. Why not we have a society where justice and equality prevail?
g. Empowering the young people to develop their critical consciousness

VI. Media Education
a. Critical Awareness of Media
b. Effective use of Media
c. Transform Society through Media