DB ARK through its PYYAR (LOVE) Movement intends to inspire and accompany the young to discover the meaning of life and of the Divine, to learn, understand, and love one another with respect and equality. We dream of a ‘New Society’ where the rich and the poor, people from different castes and class will respect, support and love one another. This harmonious society is created by inculcating in the young – a spirit of love, compassion, service, justice, and equality. The young learn to celebrate differences and at the same time work towards eliminating all kinds of discriminations in the society.

PYYAR is a Love Movement. The very idea of this movement was inspired from the experience of the young – the Privileged Youth (PY) and Young at Risk (YAR) – coming together and sharing their values and aspirations of a better society. When they will realize that Love is the greatest gift they have received from God and it can be shared freely in abundance and generously with everyone, they will create a New Society, where the rich and the poor, people from different caste and class will respect, support and love one another. Thus proving “Another World is Possible”.

The target group comprises of children between the age of 12 to 18 years, both male and female.
Step 1: Orientation
Orientation sessions are conducted for children in PY schools and YAR centers. Those who are willing to join are enrolled in the movement. In the meantime, we also try to contact PY children from foreign countries. Hence each YAR child gets a PY Indian and a PY Foreign friend.
Step 2: Letter Writing
Once the matching is done, the PY and YAR children are given the details of their corresponding friends and encouraged to write letters. DB ARK team facilitates in the letter transactions between the friends keeping in mind the language consideration.
Step 3: FIG (Face-to-Face Interaction in Groups)
Groups of youth belonging to the two different classes will be brought together for a face-to-face interaction. These programs will be animated by DB ARK team. These meetings are envisaged towards deepening and strengthening of friendships.
Step 4: LIE (Live-in-Experience)
The youngsters will be offered opportunities to experience the life of each other so as to understand and appreciate difficulties, problems, facilities, opportunities that each face. We would invite each group to go through the experience of the other and learn and understand each other better.