Youth Animation Program

DB-ARK Youth Animation Team reaches out to youth in schools, colleges, parishes and in the open settings with programs developed along the “Whole Person Paradigm”. Our research department has identified the deficiencies in the present day educational programs and has developed programs to ensure that a more balanced person is the product of the system.

News Letter - Youth Animation Program

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Voice Of Children

VOC is a ‘Psycho-Spiritual Tool’ developed by DB ARK to accompany the YAR from ‘Brokenness to Wholeness’. It is designed in seven stages. Each stage has a three-day intense program where a limited number of around 24 children are accompanied by four to six animators. Each stage is spaced out with about one month, so that the process may have its impact on the child in his/her journey towards wholeness. On the one side it needs time to heal, and on the other side it needs time to undergo a change in the mind-set and acquire new skills-set. It takes time to develop new attitudes and get motivated.

News Letter - Voice Of Children

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Teachers Enhancement Program

DB ARK reaches out to Educators and Youth Workers with the following training programs usually of two days duration:
i. Challenges in Education Today
ii. Teachers’ Effectiveness Program
iii. Synergy
iv. From Effectiveness to Greatness
v. The “Whole-Person-Paradigm” in Education
vi. A New Pedagogy for Our Times

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PYYAR Movement

DB ARK through its PYYAR (LOVE) Movement intends to inspire and accompany the young to discover the meaning of life and of the Divine, to learn, understand, and love one another with respect and equality. We dream of a ‘New Society’ where the rich and the poor, people from different castes and class will respect, support and love one another. This harmonious society is created by inculcating in the young – a spirit of love, compassion, service, justice, and equality. The young learn to celebrate differences and at the same time work towards eliminating all kinds of discriminations in the society.

News Letter - PYYAR Movement

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Research and Development

On-going and regular research studies are conducted on Youth, Education, Religious Life, Mission and Ministries, NGOs, Welfare and Developmental Projects. These studies focus on the situation of Youth, Interventions in Youth Work, Impact of Projects and Ministries, Evaluation of NGOs and Religious Provinces, and other areas.

News Letter - Research and Development

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Bosco Volunteer Corps

BOSCO Volunteer Corps invites men and women of goodwill to come forward to share their resources – time, experience, service, professional expertise or any other resources –with the young especially those less privileged than them. A Committed Volunteer is one whose Personal Vision – meaning and values – is realized through his/ her service to an organization that has a similar Vision. DB ARK invites volunteers who want to reach out to the world of youth, especially those who are at risk – the street children, child laborers, etc.

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