Growth of DB ARK

14th June, 2009

Birth of DB ARK - DB ARK (Don Bosco Animation and Research Kendra) name was approved by the Provincial Council.

24th June, 2009

RAP – First RAP (Religious Animation Program) conducted as part of DB ARK for 20 Sisters of Holy Cross Sisters

29th June, 2009

TEP - First TEP (Teachers’ Enhancement Program) for Holy Cross School, Balia, Uttarpradesh

15th July, 2009

YAP – First Youth Animation Program conducted for the students of Holy Cross School, Balia

29th August, 2009

VOC - DB ARK team conducted an animation program for Street Children of HCDI (Holistic Child Development of India) sponsored agencies of India from Pune and Mumbai. This program gave birth to a specific program for the YaR called ‘Voice of Children’ – A Psycho-Spiritual Tool used to lead the young from ‘Brokenness to Wholeness’

March 2010

An Evaluative Study on the Life, Mission, and the Ministries of Franciscan Hospitaller Sisters of the Immaculate Conception (F.H.I.C.) of Bangalore Province. This was the first research work completed by DB ARK the work for which started in September 2009. A series of research works followed in the coming years.

July 2010

R&D – An evaluation of the Life, Mission, Ministries of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Tarbes (SJT)

2nd August, 2010

PYYAR – First PYYAR orientation was given by Fr. Joe Arimpoor for Don Bosco School, Alaknanda for 12th standard (A, B, & C). About 120 students participated.

1st September, 2010

Neighbourhood Ministry

The programme of Neighbourhood Ministry was started on this day. Students from M.C.D. School, Masihgarh had come for the program conducted by the DB ARK staff members.

12th November, 2010

Start of BVC - First BVC meet was conducted for 10 volunteers.

22nd November, 2010

PEP – First PEP was conducted for parents of students from Don Bosco Park Circus, Kolkata

December 2010

R&D - Social Audit – HLK/MCS (Homelink Missing Child Search Network)

January 2011

R&D - Evaluative study of the CAHR Project for Sneha Sagar, Mumbai

31st March, 2011

First ARK Angel in the DB ARK - Abhilash a student from Don Bosco Alaknanda was invited to be an ARK Angel.

14th May, 2011

VOC - VOC was officially conducted for the first group at Don Bosco Ashalayam, Lucknow.

15th July, 2011

Induction Interview – Induction of an employee is essential to see if their personal vision is in alignment with the organizational vision. Understanding the importance of the same he first Induction interview took place for five staff members.

20th August, 2011

First BVC Certification was held for three volunteers on successful completion of their first credit of 30 hours. Violet certificates were awarded to the volunteers.

3rd & 4th September, 2011

Staff Development is an integral part of DB ARK. As a part of social development, first staff picnic took place and it was enjoyed by the team in the beautiful hill station of Kullu.

December 2012

R&D - G2D (Gold to Diamond) Plan: Sexennial Plan 2012-2018. An Evaluative cum Planning Study on Don Bosco School, Park Circus, Kolkata completed in December 2012

January, 2013

On the successful completion of the VOC series, first group to complete the graduation of VOC series were two groups from Ashalayam.


R&D – Towards Vision 20/20 in YaR Ministry: Don Bosco Ashalayam, Howrah


R&D – An Impact Study on DB Tech Skilling Program


DB ARK continues its voyage at Palam